• Database validation and maintenance
  • Market Research Projects
  • Lead Generation and Consolidation
  • Appointment Making
  • Inbound Response Handling
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • E-Business - E-mail Data Capture and Validation


At Interaction, we believe that Telemarketing is the most effective & cost efficient way to communicate directly with your future customers. We also appreciate that we are in a privileged position when entrusted with the task of communicating with your market using your company name. That is why quality is crucial, our marketers each have many years applied industrial, scientific, commercial or managerial professional experience, Interaction focuses on careful design and management of your campaign we ensure that every call is guaranteed to enhance your image and reputation.

Our reputation has been built around a results oriented approach philosophy. We are committed to finding ways of integrating our marketing approach philosophy with your sales and marketing strategy to ensure Interaction is able to meet the increasing demands of direct marketing in fast changing markets.

Interaction campaign projects

  • Will increase awareness within targeted market sectors, regionally and nationally through effective telemarketing activity, direct mail support and live database building.
  • Create and develop sales and marketing opportunities to achieve maximum potential.
  • Develop and consolidate strong ongoing relationships with prospective clients.
  • Develop effective feedback mechanisms.